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Location Summary

area-pgalera locsummary accommodations and dining

By Tim Kehres

Food and Lodging The massive buildup of tourism over the past few decades brought with it an increased variety and choices in accommodations and dining. Most resorts and restaurants can be found either on White Beach or in Sabang, but beautiful, secluded and attractive options exist in almost every cove in the area. Everything from…

area-pgalera locsummary white beach

By Tim Kehres

Beaches Puerto Galera is home to many beautiful and pristine beaches including White Beach, Sabang Beach, Animuan Beach and Talipanan Beach.  Other beaches in the area offer secluded getaways accessible by private or chartered boat.  White Beach is the most popular in the area and home to a wide variety of lodging, dining and water sport…

area-pgalera locsummary nightlife

By Tim Kehres

Nightlife In addition to the activities during the day, Puerto Galera comes alive once the sun goes down. Bars, food, fire dancers and more line the beach packed with tourists. Many of the bars feature live bands and music catering to different age groups so it should be easy to find some that cater to…