Romblon Province

By Connie Kehres
Created: December 26, 2022
This page is currently under construction.  While we work on the final content, here are a few third party videos of the region.

Third Party Videos

History and Legends of Romblon Philippines

This is a great introduction to Romblon province covering history, culture, commerce, cuisine and the natural beauty of the region. Produced by PINOY HOMETOWN TV and published on their YouTube channel. YouTube URL:   Best Beaches in ROMBLON: Part 1 (Tablas and Romblon Islands) – Filipino w/ENG Sub

Very nice introduction to many of the beaches and recreation in Romblon province. Produced by THE POOR TRAVELER YouTube channel. YouTube URL:   ROMBLON ISLAND: Must See Rare Wonders of Sea Creatures | The Dive

This is a very nice and professional video covering Romblon Island as well as the creatures that reside underwater nearby. Put together by the UNTV News and Rescue organization and published on their YouTube channel. YouTube URL:   HIDDEN GEM OF PHILIPPINES! TABLAS (ROMBLON)

Nice personalized tour of Tablas Island put together by the Jumping Places YouTube Channel. YouTube URL:   Biyaheni Drew: Treasures of Romblon (Full episode) (Tagalog)

Commercial program for local television broadcast by the group at GMA Public Arrairs. While the language is mostly Tagalog is it easy to follow for non-Tagalog speakers. Very nice overview of Romblon including sections covering local cuisine. YouTube URL:   Biyahe ni Drew: Summer in Romblon (full episode) (Tagalog)

Another episode from the Biyahe ni Drew series aired by the GMA Public Affairs group. From the description: This episode of ‘Biyahe ni Drew’ is all about nature and adventure! Drew plunges into the cold waters of Romblon, cooks the province’s local delicacies like Ginataang Liswi, and bonds with the local fishermen! YouTube URL:   Top 10 Places To See in Romblon, Romblon Philippines | Part 2 Romblon Travel Vlog

This is a nice introduction to Romblon City and some of the resorts around the island of Romblon. The video is published on the Boss Traveler YouTube channel. YouTube URL:   MALDIVES OF THE PHILIPPINES – IT DOESN’T GET BETTER THAN THIS!

This video shows Cresta de Gallo Island to the south of Sibuyan Island in Romblon province. The views of this area are quite stunning. Produced by the Jumping Places YouTube channel. YouTube URL:

Popular Destinations


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