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Puerto Galera is home to many beautiful and pristine beaches including White Beach, Sabang Beach, Animuan Beach and Talipanan Beach.  Other beaches in the area offer secluded getaways accessible by private or chartered boat.  White Beach is the most popular in the area and home to a wide variety of lodging, dining and water sport options.  Its name is the same as the more famous counterpart in Boracay and like that beach, this is where most of Puerto Galera’s tourism action happens.  Fun activities for all ages, including a vibrant nightlife, can be found here.

Aninuan Beach, located next to White Beach, is much quieter and more relaxed.   It is a a great place to stay if you are looking for a relatively secluded and quiet stay while also being close to the action.  Several coves away from White Beach is Sabang Beach, also home to a large rage of lodging and dining options.  Many visitors who come for diving and snorkeling tend to stay in this area since most of the dive resorts and facilities are in this area.  Sabang also has a vibrant nightlife, including a few more adult oriented.