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Tag: Puerto Galera Area

Puerto Galera Area, Mindoro Oriental, Philippines.

area-pgalera locdetail Diving and Snorkeling

By Tim Kehres

Diving and Snorkeling Puerto Galera is one of the top diving destinations in the Philippines and in the region.  Over 40 established dive sites together with many pocket beaches provide numerous diving and snorkeling opportunities, from beginner through expert levels.   The area was designated a Man and Biosphere reserve of UNESCO in 1973 and described…

area-pgalera locdetails Activities

By Tim Kehres

Activities There are always a lot of fun things to do in Puerto Galera.  Even if you are not coming solely for the diving and snorkeling which the area is famous for, there are more than enough other activities to keep one busy.   And if an active lifestyle is not what you are looking for,…

area-pgalera locdetail How to Get There

By Tim Kehres

How to Get There Puerto Galera is located about 130 km south of Manila and transportation to and back is reasonably quick and simple. After about a three hour bus or car ride to Batangas and then a 90-minute ferry one can easily go from the bustle of Manila to a tropical island paradise. Manila…

area-pgalera locsummary accommodations and dining

By Tim Kehres

Food and Lodging The massive buildup of tourism over the past few decades brought with it an increased variety and choices in accommodations and dining. Most resorts and restaurants can be found either on White Beach or in Sabang, but beautiful, secluded and attractive options exist in almost every cove in the area. Everything from…