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How to Get There

Puerto Galera is located about 130 km south of Manila and transportation to and back is reasonably quick and simple. After about a three hour bus or car ride to Batangas and then a 90-minute ferry one can easily go from the bustle of Manila to a tropical island paradise.

Manila to Batangas Pier

Several bus companies operate daily trips between Manila and Batangas Pier, including Ceres Liner, JAM Liner and Alps the Bus. You can catch the bus at several points around Metro Manila including the Buendia LRT station, Cubao terminal, and PITX terminal in Paranaque. Some operators may be able to pick you up from your hotel – check with your local hotel to see if this is an option for you. We’ve seen references to busses operating out of Pasig (MegaMall) but have not been able to confirm. Travel time is between two and three hours depending on the traffic conditions and routes taken.

Several online ticketing companies can also be used to book in advance. A few of these are listed below.

Ferry to Puerto Galera

Several ferry companies operate many daily trips from Batangas to Puerto Galera. The trip takes between one and two hours depending the type of ferry. There are two piers or ports in Puerto Galera. Muelle Port is said to be a bit closer to Sabang beach while Balarero is a bit closer to White Beach. You can get a tricycle from either port to take you to your resort, regardless of what beach it is on though. Prices vary depending on the type of ferry and the season.

A few of the ferry reservation sites and ferry operators are listed below.