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Featured Destination (Widget)

Puerto Galera

By Tim Kehres

Puerto Galera, often referred to as the Pearl of Mindoro, is a popular tropical island getaway easy to reach from Metro Manila and southern Luzon. Famous for its beautiful beaches, crystal-clear waters, vibrant marine life, affordable accommodation, and entertainment, it has been one of the most popular regional tourist destinations for decades. The area is home to impressive waterfalls, picturesque mountain terrain and has an abundance of wildlife, both under the water and on land.

El Nido

By Tim Kehres

Coming Soon Related Pages References View from Matinloc Shrine, El Nido, Palawan.jpg – Wikipedia Commons

Isla Gigantes

By Tim Kehres

Gigantes Islands, or Islas de Gigantes as they are formally known, are made up of about 12 beautiful islands. They are approximately 18 km (11 miles) from the main island of Panay in northern Iloilo Province. The original name of the island group was Sabuluag or Salauagbut. It was later on changed as it was believed that coffins found in Bakwitan cave contained a gigantic set of human bones.

Banaue Rice Terraces

By Tim Kehres

Coming Soon Located in Ifugao province in Northern Luzon, the Banaue rice terraces are often referred to as the eight wonder of the world. These impressive terraces were created by hand over a period of about 2,000 years. Home for the Ifugao people this is truly an amazing place to visit. At an altitude of…